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Become a KDM Partner

Not every business has the time or resources to give their clients an SEO campaign like a specialised agency. We can help you fill that gap and keep your clients happy.

Over the years, we’ve been contacted by businesses who’ve wasted far too much time and money looking for a reliable Digital Marketing company. With the industry already having a bad reputation and businesses still being burnt with outdated tactics, finding someone worth recommending can be a tough task.

We’re here to change that for you.

By partnering with KDM, you won’t have to worry about losing a client because they want something you can’t provide sufficiently. With us on your side, you can continue providing your services and keep them happy with our online marketing solutions. Best of all, you’ll get a commission, too. Win-win!

Why KDM is the Smart Choice

When you work with KDM, you can rest assured that your clients will never be outsourced to a service provider. They will essentially be only paying for additional marketing.

  • A rewarding commission incentive structure – the more work you refer, the greater your percentage
  • Work with a local team of digital marketing experts who are only ever a phone call or visit away
  • Complete transparency and outstanding communication so your clients are always kept in the loop
  • Results that let you provide more value and better ROI to your clients
  • Customised action plans to align with your ongoing campaign or services
  • Absolutely no lock-in contracts
  • Competitive rates for your clients
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Our Handover Process

Once we’ve approved your Partnership Application, we’ll implement our usual new-client process. This process aims to educate your client(s) on the current status of their website, where they can improve, and what to expect from our team. Naturally, we’ll keep you in the loop as things progress.

In most cases, our handover process involves a face to face meeting where your client can meet our team. In this meeting, we’ll provide an outline of what their website needs to improve their search engine rankings and traffic, as well as a free SEO health check that includes:

Report Card

This is basically a report card on the overall health of a website and where there is room for improvement

Keyword Research

Ensuring the website is targeting the correct keywords that drives traffic and conversions

Ranking Report

A report clearing showing where the website ranks in terms of prominent keywords

Brief Competitor Analysis

An analysis of the websites direct competitors and where there is are opportunities

What to Expect Once Signed Up

Once signed up, we’ll get to work quickly and provide:

All of these combined with our long term, white-hat SEO tactics, mean great results and visible long-term ROI. Your clients will clearly see where their money is going.

Clients of All Types and Sizes

When discussing KDM Partnerships, we often get asked what type of clients we can take on.

The answer is very simple: We can work with clients of any industry or size, from small business to major corporations.

Some of our most common applications come from:

Whatever industry your client is in – and however big (or small) they may be – we can work with them.

Why We Offer Partnership Opportunities

The truth is, we take pride in seeing other businesses “grow with us”. In fact, we’re so committed to this motto that it’s part of our brand. We believe in collaboration – that businesses can work together and help each other profitably.

We also aim to restore the face of our industry. With the frequent cold-calling and spam emails from many offshore providers and sub-par results from some competitors, SEO has earned a bad reputation. This is what we are working to change.

This is the reason why we put so much emphasis on education, from our blog posts to our handover process. What better way to clean up the SEO image than by broadening our own scope and working with other reputable companies?

Our Application Process

Ready to get started? To make sure we’re only working with ethical companies who share our goals and business ethics, we always screen and assess each potential Partner.

But don’t worry – our application process doesn’t mean complicated paperwork and weeks of communication! It requires no physical paperwork and takes just seconds to get started.

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll assess where you stand and start our simple process:

  • You’ll receive a phone call within 24 hours from one of our friendly staff to discuss your goals and ideas and to address any questions you may have
  • For local applications, we’ll arrange a brief face-to-face meeting in our office so you can meet our team and see how we operate (you have to love what we do too!)
  • For remote applications, we’ll arrange a Skype call with part of our team
  • Finally, we’ll conduct our final assessment and give you another call within 24hrs of your meeting

It’s that simple! Of course, if you have any questions along the way, you can contact us directly so we can answer them right away. We work hard to provide total transparency, and you’ll see this right from the start.

We’re excited to start working with you!