Search Engine Optimisation Packages

Local Lead Gen

Show up on search results and let your ideal customer come to you with SEO designed to attract more leads. We’ll cover all the fundamentals in local search and set up your SEO so you can rank higher in local searches and drive more people to your business.

Small Enterprise

Arm your business with a big punch in search rankings and build your online presence more effectively. We’ll help you make your mark in search engines and get more people to take notice of your site.

Medium Enterprise

Grow your business online and take it to the next level with SEO designed for the long haul. We’ll help you compete with the big players in your industry and give your business its best shot at capturing more of your market.

Large Enterprise

Outrank your competitors and stay ahead of other businesses with SEO that solidifies your online presence across the board. We’ll help you do SEO the right way to rise to the top of rankings and stay there.

Not sure which SEO package is right for your business?

Have a chat with us, and we’ll help you figure out which will give you the best value based on your budget and goals.


Some of the tool Kymodo utilizes are:

HotJar Logo | Kymodo


HotJar is heat mapping tool that records website sessions to assist with conversion optimisation

Kymodo Logo

KDM Portal

Our internal Portal is available to all client and integrated with Majestic SEO and Google Analytics for keyword tracking and traffic metrics

SEMRush Logo | Kymodo


KDM ensures that your website is constantly performing at an optimal level by doing monthly site audits

Google Search Console Logo | Kymodo

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free platform developed by Google that KDM uses to check the performance of your website

Google Analytics Logo | Kymodo

Google Analytics

KDM uses Google Analytics to see the performance of your website and create custom goals based on your companies objectives.


Backlinks are still extremely relevant for SEO, so KDM uses Ahrefs to ensure your backlink profile is strong and natural