Keyword research is one of the fundamental elements of any digital marketing campaign,
assisting with SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing and more.
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Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the fundamental elements of any digital marketing campaign, assisting with SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing and more.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding relevant keywords or search terms that your target audiences use to find information or make a purchase. These are the keywords your website should aim to rank for, and they will be the foundation of your SEO campaign. We’ll use these search terms to target your customers through optimised content and other marketing strategies. 

Steps of Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves identifying the relevant keywords or queries your ideal customers are searching for when they use search engines like Google. Keywords can be a single word or phrase, and they can vary depending on whether the user is looking for something specific or just browsing. An effective keyword list should be relevant to your products or services, consider the user’s intent, and include a mix of short- and long-tail keywords.

Content marketing

Once you’ve settled on your keyword list, the next step is to create optimised content for your website. This is a crucial step for every SEO campaign, as search engines will crawl through your content and determine its relevance to particular search queries and keywords. If your content isn’t optimised with your target keywords, it’s unlikely you will rank organically for those terms. We create content in line with Google’s best practices to make sure your website has the best chance of being seen for your main search terms.

Keyword analysis

Good SEO isn’t just a set and forget strategy. It involves ongoing monitoring and analysis. Once we have an approved keyword list, we’ll set up tracking on your site to monitor a range of data on your current organic rankings, monthly search volume, landing pages, and more. When you work with Kymodo Digital Marketing, you can look forward to custom monthly reports as well as a team of SEO experts who will monitor and interpret the data for you.

Why keyword research is important?

Keyword research is where any good SEO campaign starts. At KDM, we use market research, Google software, and a variety of online tools to determine the most relevant and effective keywords for your business. Some of the key things to consider when it comes to keyword research are: 


If your keywords aren’t relevant to either your business or your target audience, it’s unlikely that you will ever rank for them. Your website’s content should be keyword optimised in a way that makes it easy for search engines to crawl and interpret your website. This allows them to put your website in front of the most relevant audiences.


Search Intent

It’s important to consider not only what people are searching for, but also why. People will often use different keywords depending on what stage of the decision-making process they’re in. For the best results, consider whether your audience is looking for information, comparing products or services, or if they’re ready to purchase. Then tailor your keyword list and content strategy to meet these needs.


Short vs Long-Tail Keywords

It might seem like a good idea to target a long list of short-tail keywords with lots of monthly searches, but this isn’t always the best strategy. Depending on your business, these terms may be too broad or competitive. Including a mix of short- and long-tail keywords means you can target a range of users and better match their needs.

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CJ Homes

CJ Homes has built a reputation across QLD as a quality builder offering exceptional personalised service and value for money. We worked with them to develop a strong marketing strategy around their target audience and goals.