SEO Perth

Get the right SEO for your Perth business to make it a success in
Western Australia and the rest of the country.
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SEO Perth

Get the right SEO for your Perth business to make it a success in Western Australia and the rest of the country.

Improve Your SEO the Right Way

Stand out the competition the right marketing strategy to take your business to the next level. At Kymodo Digital Marketing, we have the skills and experience to take Perth businesses like yours grow and succeed online.

We’ll create a master plan to help you leapfrog your competition in search rankings and improve your rankings for your main search terms. We’ll help you get more site traffic, improve engagement, and increase conversions online.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

Improve Sales, Not Just Rankings

You don’t want to spend money and effort increasing your rankings only to be let down by lackluster site and marketing strategy. That’s why we’ll take a look at every aspect of your site and digital marketing and make recommendations to turn more visitors into customers. We’ll take an all-inclusive approach to optimising your site so you get more than just ranking improvements in your SEO.

Improve Your User Experience

SEO isn’t just about using the right terms and techniques to influence search engines. It also has to work on a human level by providing helpful and engaging content that provides what your users look for. We’ll help you meet both criteria by creating search engine-optimised content and designs that are accessible and user-friendly.

Build Long-Term Growth

Improving keyword rankings on Google is a big challenge, but staying in that position is even more important. Here at KDM, we’re not here to make quick fixes and leave your site directionless. Our SEO is designed to help your site achieve long-term success and lasting results.

What Makes KDM Better?

In a crowded industry like SEO, many claim to have the ability to work wonders and get results. But at KDM, we’re committed to going beyond just promises and guarantees.

We focus on doing the things that actually make a difference in your SEO: producing a high standard of work, avoiding shortcuts and quick fixes, and never losing sight of your ultimate goal.

We believe better service is the only truly effective way to better results. And that’s what you’ll get with us from day one.

Small Team of Experts

Our team may be small, but we’re all experts and specialists in our fields. Having a close-knit team allows us to band together seamlessly to plan and execute the right strategy for you SEO campaign.


Team with Local Knowledge

With the click of a mouse, it’s possible for anyone in the world to come across your business online. But if your customers are primarily in Perth, then you want to make sure your site is optimised for local search. That’s why we’ll keep track of what’s happening in Perth so you can better cater to the local market.


Complete Transparency

We don’t use fancy jargon or complex terminology. We’ll keep you in the loop with regular reports, frequent calls, and regular catch-ups so you always know how your campaign is performing.

KDM delivers the best for their clients. Find out what some have to say


Local SEO, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in your location or target area. By optimising your site fully for local search, you can get more enquiries, bookings, or sales from people who are more likely to become a customer.

Serviced Based

Digital marketing can help your business move forward, but it needs to be tailored to your needs and goals. Whether you want to develop your brand awareness, get more phone calls, or boost your online sales, we’ll craft and execute the right strategy to help you do it.


These days, it’s not enough to just be online – you also need a tailored and focused SEO plan to make sure you’re getting the most out of your online business. SEO can improve your organic rankings, increase your conversion rate, and ultimately grow your revenue.

Get Results that Matter

Instead of making big promises and boasting endlessly, we prefer to let our work speak for us.
Here are some of the results we’ve achieved for clients with our SEO.


CJ Homes

CJ Homes has built a reputation across QLD as a quality builder offering exceptional personalised service and value for money. We worked with them to develop a strong marketing strategy around their target audience and goals.  


With more than four billion websites on Google, your website is likely to become lost in the crowd without the proper SEO techniques. SEO will help your business stand out and show up on the top search results for your main search terms.

Depending on the overall strength of your website, you should see ranking jumps in as little as a few several weeks. Significant and long-term ranking improvements, however, will take a lot longer. At KDM, we are focused on long-term strategies rather than quick fixes. We’ll get you quick wins but also work on getting you results that last.

We do not use black hat techniques that can lead to Google penalising your website. Not only are they unethical and risky, but they’re also less effective in the long run.
That depends entirely on what your business requires. The more time and work your site needs, the more investment it will require. We’re here to make your SEO as cost-efficient as possible, no matter how long campaign will run.

This also depends on the nature of your business and your business goals. Although SEO is right for many types of businesses, something like Google Ads or Social Media may be a better fit in your digital marketing strategy. If so, we’ll always let you know so you can make the right investment for your business.

Not all SEO techniques produce the same results. One of our biggest strengths is identifying the right SEO strategies for your business and marketing objectives. We’ll take an in-depth look at your SEO and digital marketing to determine your best plan of attack.
Local search optimisation is about ranking highly for search results in your area. This allows your business to show up for local searches in Perth. So when people search for businesses in Perth like yours, chances are you’ll show up on the top search results.

Anybody can claim to be the best, but we prefer to let our results speak for themselves. Our goal is to work and get your results that will make you feel like you’ll never need another SEO agency in Perth again. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.